Monday, May 12, 2014

Chicken in a Pot

This was an illustration I did for one of the products I used to work on. The concept was for broken political campaigns promises. In 1928 Herbert Hoover promised, "A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage." It wasn't too much longer in 1929 the Great Depression started. The chicken was modeled and rendered in ZBrush.

When pigs fly

I'm sure everyone has heard this phrase before and I thought it would be fun to flesh it out. This was definitely a challenge designing the wings for the pigs. I wanted it to seem somewhat anatomically feasible. The wings were modeled in Modo and the pigs were modeled and rendered in ZBrush.

Golden State Honey

Here is an example of designing a character for branding purposes. I designed a honey bee for a fictional company and showed how the same model could be used repeatedly. Just repose him and hit render. Modeled in ZBrush and rendered in Modo.

Fishing Boat

Here is a fishing boat that was used during the time of Christ. The boat was modeled and rendered in Modo. The sail was sculpted in ZBrush. This was definitely a challenge in laying out UV's for the ropes.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bamboo test illustration

Here is an illustration I did for fun and to test some new techniques. Again, this was not for financial profit. The concept was to show many different ways you can be creative using this graphics tablet. Each tool represents a tool from either Photoshop or Illustrator. After making several renders, one being a skin subsurface scattering layer, the image was completed in Photoshop. It was modeled in Modo and sculpted in ZBrush.
Here is the final image.

Here is the base model made in Modo. I modeled the tentacles so I could sculpt in x and z axis in ZBrush all at the same time. This was a huge time saver when the suckers were added at the bottom of the octopus.

Here is a closeup of the sculpting process/

Spiritual Transformation

Here is an illustration I just finished for work on the spiritual transformation of 3 celebrities. It was a fairly long process of checking reference material and experimenting with exported fibermesh curves from ZBrush into Modo to use as hair guides.
Here is the final image.

Here is a close up of the sculpting process. I only modeled half of the butterfly and mirrored it over in Modo.

Here is a closeup of an early test render to see if the exported curves could control and direct the fur in Modo.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Trident Layers

Here is an illustration I did to sharpen my skills, not for profit. I wanted to try and come up with a new project for the TN 425 class I teach and decided to do a project that had logo design and organic modeling. My kids were chewing some Trident gum and I thought the illustration on the packaging was a great concept and executed well. So I tried to do a 3D version of one of the packages. If time permits, I'll try doing a few more. I used ZBrush for modeling and detailing the fruit. The logo and final renders were all done in Modo and composited  in Photoshop.