Sunday, November 21, 2010


Ubiqood dog from The Healer Book 2: The Tree of Pain (coming in early  2011)
Ubiqood dogs evolved on the planet Hirasa. Their hides are a combination of dog and reptile. They live in packs with alpha males and females. The stem-like filia on their faces end in leaf-like glomeks which are vibratory and chemotactile sensory organs used to identify and track prey. They eat a swamp plant called snake grass, incorporating its scanner scattering properties into their skin; for this reason, their pelts are worn by Hirasans seeking to evade detection.

After seeing a tutorial from Neville Page, I thought it would be helpful to draw the skeletal structure of the Ubiqood before I started modeling. Here is the sketch.

Here are some work in progress renders.

I hope to be adding more images from the Healer series soon.

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  1. Charles, this is major league work here. I truly like the Ubigood. Excellent. Impressive.
    Good luck with the blog!